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Free first course: The Magic Fairy.et1

In this free course you can have fun with a warm up song, then help the students to say words beginning with A, B and C with facial expressions and body language. This is a good preparation for their acting in the play, The Magic Fairy.

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Description of each follow-up course

Enjoy teaching English through Drama
to elementary students ages 6 to 12
Course 2: Winnie-the-Pooh

Romeo and Juliet

The only way of coming downstairs

Help them to learn English the painless, fun way,
the same way they learn their mother tongue.

Winnie-the-Pooh is a famous English story for children.

Acting it is a wonderful way to learn English.

Pooh, Christopher Robin’s toy bear has many adventures with his friends:
Piglet, Eeyore, Kanga and Tigger.


Help your students revise words beginning with D, E, F, G and H.

Let them ask and answer questions and identify things in the classroom.

Have fun producing the play and developing confidence and teamwork.

Father Christmas

Course 3: The girl Who Missed Christmas

because she was so lazy!

Use expressions: “How are you?” “I’m fine.”

Identify people and what they do and ask about family and friends.

Answer question: “What is it?”

Name and number objects.

Christmas stocking

Sing Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.

Use the Phonics Practice.

If one of your students sends us a very good picture,
illustrating the play, we shall give you a copy of the full script of
The Girl Who Missed Christmas to perform at school.

Snow White

Course 4: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Encourage your students to learn English the easy and enjoyable way.

Cooperate with their parents.

Help them develop the skills of:

  • acting,
  • writing,
  • painting,
  • singing,
  • music,
  • costume,
  • stage design
  • and team building.

Sing the animal action song.

Seven Dwarfs

Teach them shapes and colours.

Ask them for ideas to make sound effects and props.

Ask them for ideas to end the play:

How will the wicked queen try to kill Snow White?

What will the dwarfs do?

Does Snow White meet a prince?


Course 5: Presents from Heaven

English is the official language of the Association of South East Asian Nations.

Through drama help your students to learn English the way they learnt their mother tongue.

In the play Father Christmas delivers friends from other countries instead of presents.


Stimulate conversations about feelings.


Request students and parents to design costumes and flags.

Ask them to build a trolley to be Santa’s sleigh on one side and a boat pulled by dolphins on
the other.

Ugly Duckling

Course 6: The Ugly Duckling

In the fairy tale he becomes a beautiful swan; but the students can invent a different ending.

There is a simple short version of the play for younger students and a longer version of the first half of the play for more advanced students.

Help the students:

Ugly Duckling

1. Count up to a million.

2. Know about sizes.

3. Master the sound “th”.

4. Understand some prepositions.

5. Tell the time.

Ask the students to ask their parents for help in preparing the play.

The Wise Little Girl

Course 7: The Wise Little Girl,
a Russian folk tale

Sing about days of the week and the months together.

Continue teaching telling the time and prepositions.

Encourage students to draw flashcards.
The King

Help students to write a few sentences about The Wise Little Girl.

Submit the best pictures or sentences to the English through Drama website.

For winning entries we shall send you more Winnie-the-Pooh or the whole script of Snow-White or The Ugly Duckling.

Have fun producing The Wise Little Girl.

Ask parents to help with the production.


Course 8: The Birds Who Flew Beyond Time
or Sleeping Beauty

Or have fun producing both plays.

Practice words ending in ing.

Pronounce C and G words, and the sounds of ar, ee and ea.

Sleeping Beauty

Help your students imitate the recorded bird calls.

Ask parents to help making costumes, props and backdrops.

The full length script of The Birds Who Flew Beyond Time
is free for a school production.
It has a beautiful and inspiring message.

There is a longer version of Sleeping Beauty for secondary school children.

The Nativity

Course 9: The Story of the Birth of Jesus

At Christmas produce the full version.

Start with a shorter version now.

Sing together
The First Nowell.

Teach directions, transport and the weather.

Help students to create or find music for the play.

Encourage students to improvise and modify dialogue, to give them confidence and spontaneity.

Encourage cooperation and team work.

The students’ homework could be to write a few sentences about the first Christmas.

Ask their parents to help with this;
and with the production of the play.

Beauty and the Beast

Course 10: Beauty and the Beast

Before having fun with the play, sing the Beauty and the Beast song.

Help the students to create and float a map or letter in a bottle.

Teach comparatives, superlatives, pronunciations and frequency adverbs.

Advise which words to emphasize.

back and front of horse

Do the maths test.

In English pretend to shop or visit a hotel together.

Would two of your students like to be the back and front of a horse?
Costume and propsBeauty and the Beast

Please ask parents to help their children prepare costumes, props, backdrops, sound effects and music.

With your help please, we are building a page with advice on creating a stage play.

Encourage your students to submit their ideas and images to the English through Drama website

If they wish we shall add their names, school and / or country.


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