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Have fun and learn English the way you learn your mother tongue.

Pile of PDFsAbout us

We offer 56 courses for teachers and parents to help students from ages 3 to 18 and beyond to learn English.

The courses contain games, songs, phonics exercises, flashcards and dramas to perform and create, as well as conventional learning. These have been successfully workshopped with both students and teachers.

More about English Through Drama

Who are we?

English Through Drama comprises a group of teachers, writers, dramatists and investors who came together to provide a unique subscription-based approach to learning English as a foreign language, whilst offering scholarships to orphans, refugees and street-children.

Meet the team

Translated courses


We are gradually translating our courses into a number of languages. View Thai translations.

BirdFree downloads

The Birds Who Flew Beyond Time (also available as a printable version) is offered as a free, fun script in which children can dress as birds, copy bird calls and  perform in English an inspiring and adventurous play.

Sample course material

The first part of each course is available as a free download along with descriptions of all follow-up modules.  Full courses are then available for a small fee on an annual subscription basis.

Try our free course material

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