Drama Game: Guess the action

Chain Mime: 

Divide the class into 2 , 3 or 4 groups.

Have at least 6 in each group.

Number the students in each group from one to six.

Get each member of the first group to leave the room except for number one.
Wash dishes cook count money

The other groups stay in the room.

They must stay silent.

You then give number one an action to mime.

You then call number 2 into the room and number one mimes to number 2.

They do not talk.
expressing love eating spaghetti

Number 3 then comes into the room and number 2 mimes exactly what he/she saw to number 3.

Number 3 does the mime for number four and so on.

When number 6 comes into the room he / she has to guess what the original mime was.
singing tug of war

Then the other groups do the same.

Here are some suggestions for mimes:

1. Riding a horse

2. Skiing

3. Washing dishes
ballet moon walking basketball

4. Eating hot food

5. Counting money

6. Telling someone you love them

7. Eating spaghetti

8. Singing
opera desert walking tennis

9. Playing tug of war

10. Washing your dog

11. Ballet dancing

12. Moon walk

13. Playing basketball
pancake present not liked

14. Singing opera

15. Walking in the desert

16. Playing tennis

17. Making pancakes

18. Opening a present that you do not like.

The other groups watch how the mime changes with each person. This is a fun game and helps with observation skills.