pdf-pileWe offer 56 courses for teachers and parents to help students from ages 3 to 18 and beyond to learn English.

The courses contain games, songs, phonics exercises, flashcards and dramas to perform and create, as well as conventional learning. These have been successfully workshopped with both students and teachers.

Within each category, we offer a free first course, plus a taster of each follow-on module so you can get an idea of how we work before deciding if you’d like to sign up.

Each course can be divided into several lessons depending on the teachers’ and parents’ time and requirements

Descriptions of courses

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Our subscriptions give you access to current course documents and other related resources. Each set contains 8 – 10 courses and is available in alternative versions, tailored to the needs of parents or teachers.

$15 inclusive subscriptions for one year

  1. Teachers’ kindergarten, elementary and secondary courses
  2. Parents’ kindergarten, elementary and secondary courses
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