Treasure Island Full Script


This the full script of Treasure Island.


This the full script of Treasure Island.

Author: Robert Louis Stevenson
Script Writer: Shaun MacLoughlin
Total scenes: 18
Characters: 20 + extras
Script Audio: Sound effects for Treasure Island
Play duration 2½ + Hours

Music & Sound effects:
• You may find some useful music from Treasure Island 1950 soundtrack music by Clifton Parker or better still create your own.
• Theme music, Singing of ‘Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum’, Footsteps and tapping stick on rocky path, Wheelbarrow on rocky path, Liquid being poured out of bottle into glass, Coins dropped onto counter, Fist thumping on table, Tapping of Blind Pew’s stick, door opens, scuffle of being pulled behind door, table thrown over, clash of swords, stumbling up wooden stairs, 8 pairs of feet running past, Crash of door opening, surf against cliffs, Crackle of fire, Sea-wash, sailing ship sound effects, wind whistling in rigging, heavy sea, rowing: oars splashing in and out of water, surf on beach, the jungle: insects and birds, tropical birds screeching, Feet running across deck, Distant surf on rocks, Seagulls, Hooting of an owl and Galloping and whinnying horses

• Now you have the idea, add further spot effects, vocalizations and pre-recorded sounds and music as required. Create and record your own sound effects or find them on the internet.
• The “blocking” which means the movement of actors, props and scenery can be modified accordingly and depending on how much scenery and backdrops and props are available. My ideas for blocking are only suggestions. You may have other ideas.
• It will advisable to plan the production scene by scene and to plan transitions from one scene to another. The transitions should be entertaining. Music and sound effects may often help.
• There is a very good Russian film of Treasure Island at which may give you some ideas. It also contains some good music and sound effects.

Sound effects


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