Beauty and the Beast Full Script


This is the full script of Beauty and the Beast by Charles Perrault.


This is the full script of Beauty and the Beast.

Beauty and the Beast

Author: Charles Perrault
Script Writer: Shaun MacLoughlin
Total scenes: 16
Characters: 18
Play duration: 1+ hour
Script Audio: Sound effects for Beauty and the Beast
Music & Sound effects: Harpsichord music, Horse whinny, slipping on ice, Wolves howl, Dream music, Magic music, Bell Ring, Clock strikes 9, birdsong, bees, echoing footsteps, footsteps on stairs, trotting horses, beautiful music, waltz
Notes: • Some sound effects and music are provided. Others can be created or found online.
• Beauty and the Beast was translated from La Belle et la Bête, a famous French Fairy Tale, adapted by Charles Perrault.



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