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Stage set and audience

Stage set and audience for the play,
“The Shipwreck”

Free first course

In this free course you can help your students produce and perform a stage play about an adventure at sea, which they can enjoy performing with their class and friends and show to their families, or an audio play, which your students can keep as a record for themselves, their families and friends. There is also help with conventional teaching, containing a warm up song and exercise, and a review of words about body parts, animals and food.

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Description of each follow-up module

Enjoy teaching English through Drama
to secondary school students, ages 12 to 18
Tom Sawyer

Course 2: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

From the start immerse the students in speaking

Buffalo Girl

An American children’s story by Mark Twain,
describes young Tom’s life-changing journey of
mischief, intrigue and excitement.

The students can produce and act in the stage or audio play.

They can sing the song ‘Buffalo Gal’.

Mississippi steamboat
Mark Twain

While learning about the Mississippi River
and many other places around the world,
they become confident in English.

The students can learn
to research on the internet,
for example about Mark Twain.


Course 3: Alice in Wonderland

In this course produce a stage play
for the students families to help with and see
or an audio play
which the students can keep and review.

Teach about possessions
and possessive adjectives.


Warm up game:

Chain Fairy Tale.

Learn and teach the use of a microphone.

Guide the students
to research European countries.

Lewis Carroll

Alice in Wonderland is one of the most
imaginative stories ever written.

Encourage your students’ imaginations.

Lewis Carroll, the author, first told this story
to a friend’s daughter.


Course 4: The Jungle Book

Mowgli is raised by a pack of wolves in the Indian jungle.

Many animals help him in his battle against Shere Khan,
the man eating tiger.

Teach your students how to listen and respond to each other.

Prepare them to start writing their own scripts.

Discuss appearance and personality.

shere khan

Have them sing “The Bare Necessities”.

Research India on the internet.

Ask them to prepare a recipe with their family.

Let them have fun dressing up as animals
and rehearsing and performing the play.


Course 5: Treasure Island

Young Jim discovers a map showing the
way to buried treasure, but the evil pirates
plan to keep the gold for themselves.

Let the students speak only English.

Sing “Yo ho ho, and a bottle of rum”.

Play “Captain’s Deck” game.


As background to the play help them to research
pirates, sailing ships and exploration.

Also research some amazing buildings:

  • the Tower of London
  • the Pyramids
  • Stonehenge
  • the Acropolis

Ask them questions to help them to write their own
ending to the play.


Course 6: Sleeping Beauty

Produce the drama of Beauty and how she overcomes
the spell put on her by the wicked witch.

Only if necessary allow the students to use a little of
their own language.

Teach them ‘wh…’ questions.

Help them with ‘must’, ‘can’ and future verbs.

Ask them to ask their parents to help them design sets, find props and pre-record sound
effects and music.

Recommend they see the film ‘Malificent’.


Encourage them to research ballet, Russia and classical music – especially Tchaikovsky.


Course 7: David Copperfield

Charles Dickens is England’s most famous novelist.

David Copperfield was his favourite novel.

It is inspired by the author’s life.

When he was eleven his father was imprisoned for debt
and Charles left school to work in a factory.

Mr Murdstone

Sing the song:

“I lived a happy life.”

Teach some slang
used by Dickens’ characters.

Research the British Empire
and Queen Victoria.

In the play young David is beaten
by the cruel Mr Murdstone.

Find a way to do this
without hurting the actor.

Claire Danes and Leonardo diCaprio

Course 8: Romeo and Juliet

It’s the world’s most famous love story;
and many consider Shakespeare to be
the world’s greatest writer.

Girls can sing “Feel pretty” and boys
“I just met a girl named Maria” from the New York
musical inspired by Romeo and Juliet.


Play the Romeo and Juliet Game with your students.

Research answers to questions about Shakespeare,
Italy and New York.

Students can prepare masks and Capulet and
Montague coats of arms for the stage.

Shakespeare Characters

They will enjoy acting this tragic love story.


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