Parents courses

The following are the Parents Courses for Kindergarten:

Kindergarten Parents 01Greetings
Kindergarten Parents 02Naming
Kindergarten Parents 03Daily Routines
Kindergarten Parents 04Actions
Kindergarten Parents 05: Family
Kindergarten Parents 06Jobs
Kindergarten Parents 07: Body Parts
Kindergarten Parents 08: Animals
Kindergarten Parents 09Weather
Kindergarten Parents 10: Fruit and Vegetables

The following are the Parents Courses for Primary:

Primary Parents 01The Magic Fairy
Primary Parents 02Winnie-the-Pooh
Primary Parents 03The Girl Who Missed Christmas
Primary Parents 04Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Primary Parents 05Presents from Heaven
Primary Parents 06The Ugly Duckling
Primary Parents 07The Wise Little Girl
Primary Parents 08The Birds Who Flew Beyond Time 
Primary Parents 09The Birth of Jesus
Primary Parents 10Beauty and the Beast

The following are the Parents Courses for Secondary:

Secondary Parents 01The Shipwreck
Secondary Parents 02The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
Secondary Parents 03Alice in Wonderland
Secondary Parents 04The Jungle Book
Secondary Parents 05Treasure Island
Secondary Parents 06 Part 1: Sleeping Beauty
Secondary Parents 06 Part 2Sleeping Beauty
Secondary Parents 07 Part 1David Copperfield
Secondary Parents 07 Part 2David Copperfield
Secondary Parents 08 Part 1Romeo and Juliet
Secondary Parents 08 Part 2Romeo and Juliet