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Free first course

In this free course you teach your students simple greetings, inspire them to sing and make the actions of a good morning song, help them to write the letter A, get them to work together, first in pairs and then in the simple, fun drama game.

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Description of each follow-up module

Enjoy teaching English through Drama
to kindergarten children, ages 3 to 6.

Course 2

Help them to learn English the painless, fun way,
the same way they learn their Mother Tongue.

Help them to ask and tell their name and gender.

And Read and say words beginning with B.

Sing the song “My name’s Benny” with them.


Sue is a girl


Benny is a boy

Review saying everyday greetings and words beginning with A.

Absorb English naturally through Colouring, Singing,
Playing Games and Drama.

Teach young children to

  • listen,
  • speak,
  • read
  • and write

English while enjoying themselves.

Help them to work as a team and develop confidence.


I brush my teeth

Course 3

Help them to have a lot of fun learning English
and enjoy a really effective way of teaching them.

Help them to describe daily routines

And read and say words beginning with C.

Colour C

Colouring sheet:
C is for cat

Sing the “I wake up” song with them.

Get the children to use

  • mime,
  • gestures
  • and facial expressions

to convey actions like brushing their teeth.

Prompt them to ask each other questions and answer each other.

Let them absorb English naturally through Colouring,
Singing, Playing Games and Drama.

Course 4

Teacher Demo

Help them to say and make the gestures for
“I can sing, dance, jump, read, swim, cook,
ride a bike, play guitar”

Form the children into teams.

One team mimes words beginning with D.

The other team guesses the words.

Then swap teams.

Revise words beginning with C.


Sing the D song with them: “See me play on my drum ….”

Give each child a reward, perhaps an English through Drama Certificate for one of many things:

  • miming different actions,
  • guessing,
  • speaking,
  • drawing,
  • singing,
  • helping others,
  • teamwork,
  • etc.


Course 5

Help them to name different members of the family:

mother, mummy, father, daddy, sister, brother, baby.

Let them paint faces on their fingers


and sing “Daddy finger, Daddy finger, where are you? ……”

Listen, point and say words for an Art Class:

paper, paint, pencil, glue, scissors, pen, crayon, marker.

Say and write words beginning with E and F.


Drama Game: Family Pictures.

Children take it turn to be the photographer.

The other children pose for many
different family pictures.

Course 6

Help them to name different jobs.


To say: “I’m a student”, “You are a teacher”,

“My father is a …..”, “My mother is a ……”


Talk about age: “I’m five. How old are you?

Sing the ‘Jobs’ and ‘How old are you?’
songs with them.

Let them listen to the words for toys,
point at the pictures and name them.

Say and write words beginning with G, H and I.

Give the children writing sheets.

Drama Game: “What’s my job?”


Course 7

The Children touch parts of their body as they sing:

“My head is on top of my body.
My head has a nose, mouth and teeth ….”

Ping Pong

Talk about gender and members of family.

Talk about sports.

Show them words and pictures.

Ask what sport they like to play.


Sing about colours:

“What’s this?
It’s a book.
What colour is the book?
The book is red just like this bed ….”

Learn words beginning with J. K and L.

Drama game: Chain Mime.


Course 8

The Children learn about animals.

Sing with them “Let’s go to the zoo ……
And jump like the kangaroos do……….”

and “Walking in the Jungle …….
Stop. Listen. (MONKEY NOISE)
What’s that? It’s a monkey………”

Read, say and write words with M, N, O, and P.

Give the children colouring sheets.


Give them writing sheets.

Read, Write and Listen to Numbers 1 to 10.

Drama game: The first child creates a picture with his or her body.

Other children take it in turn to add to a composite picture.


Course 9

Talk and sing about the weather.
“How’s the weather today ?
Is it sunny?
Is it rainy?
Is it cloudy?
Is it snowy?”

days of week

Learn the days of the week.

Read, say and write words with Q, R, S, T and U.

Look at flashcards and sing about these letters.

Talk about different forms of transport.

Drama game: kinds of transport:

The class forms into groups.


Each group using speech, movement and gesture acts out being a passenger or rider.

The other groups guess the kind of transport.

chocolate and ice cream

Course 10

Identify healthy and unhealthy food.

Sing: “Chocolate, I hear you say.
Ice cream, I could eat it everyday…….”

Revise jobs, toys, body parts, sport, colours, animals,
numbers, weather, weekdays.

Talk and sing about holidays.</>

Ask the children about their favourite holidays,
Let them learn with their hearts as well as their heads.

Learn letters V, W, X, Y and Z.

Sing a song from 1 to 100.


Drama game: Competition to name the greatest number of fruits and vegetables.



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