Drama game: kinds of transport

The teacher gives a flashcard to the first child, without the others seeing it.
She/He then says to the student:

  1. Make the action.
  2. Make the noise.
  3. Say the words (without naming the transport).

The other students have to guess.
Let each student take it in turn to use: speech (in English of course), movement, gesture and sound to
act out being a passenger or rider.

Ideas for transport Ideas for sounds to make and what to say and actions
Car Noise of car. “Drive straight”. “Turn left”. “Park here.”
Helicopter Noise of helicopter. “Take off now. “ “Hover over the city.”
Airplane Noise of plane taking off. “We are taking off.” “Fasten your seat belts.”
Parachute “Jump!” Noise of Whooshing. “Get ready to land.” “Roll over onto ground.”
Fire Engine Fire alarm noise. “Put on your helmets.” “Get the water hose.”
Steam train Noise of steam train. “Which platform?” Whistle. “Close the doors please.”
Rowing boat “Get your oars ready.” Action of rowing. “Don’t fall in.”
Bicycle Action of cycling. “Let’s race.” “I’ve got a puncture.” Bicycle bell sound.
Skateboard “Can you ride on two wheels?” “I can spin.” Imitate actions of skate-boarding.

Kinds of transport=

Remind the students making the demo not to say the name of the transport.

This is what the other students have to guess.