Christian Anstee

Out of the Woodwork Theatre Company

“Once Upon a Time

 The Cockroach came out of The Woodwork

The Rhino ran a Marathon” 

Bonjour, Namaste, Hello. My name is Christian!

 I have found pleasure in so many different forms of theatre. Clowning and Commedia Dell’Arte have made me laugh infinitely, so has the naturalistic stuff that we see on the tele or in a Strasburg class. Each of these styles also has the ability to hit you where it hurts. I won’t forget seeing Jez Butterworth’s, The Ferryman; watching an actress play an old lady with dementia ‘hit home’, shall we say. 

Through the act of Acting or Storytelling, we actively engage with understanding other peoples lives. Someone once said, “Acting is the Ultimate act of Empathy”. She was not wrong. I consider myself lucky that, when I perform, I can be so close to actually living the ups, downs and quirks of an individuals life. I have leant so much from it and I have so much too learn. 


The moment a Child marvels at finding something new, is beautiful. And the Parent has such delight when their Baby chooses to share their discovery with them. 

Actors are like the Child who discovers. The Audience, the Parent.

 “There was a monkey called Spank” 

“RIP Zadok, the Canary who never Sung”

 “I once was in a foot race with a Rhino”


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