Secondary parents courses

Stage set and audience

Stage set and audience for the play,
“The Shipwreck”

Free first course

In this free course you too can learn English, bond with your child and help him or her to learn many skills, essential in later life.

You can have a lot of creative fun together preparing costumes, sets, props and sound effects for the production of the play, The Shipwreck. You can help each other with the phonics giving the correct pronunciation for their acting parts.

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Description of each follow-up module

Learn English through Drama with your children
for secondary school students, ages 12 to 18
Tom Sawyer

Course 2: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Help your children to improve their reading,
writing, listening to, understanding and speaking

Buffalo Girl
Have fun helping them prepare to produce and
act in the drama of Tom Sawyer,
a mischievous, but good-hearted boy.

Help them to sing the song ‘Buffalo Girl’.

In preparation for life help them to develop the skills of

  • writing,
  • acting,
  • singing,
  • music,
  • drawing,
  • painting,
  • costume design,
  • set design
  • and working as a team.

Mark Twain

Mississippi steamboat

Help them to research the Mississippi River and Mark Twain on the internet.


Course 3: Alice in Wonderland

Help them – and yourself – to improve reading,
writing, listening, understanding and speaking English.

Encourage them to develop useful skills in life:

writing, acting, singing, music, painting, costume design,
set design, photography, videoing, audio recording and
research on the internet.

Stage production

Stay connected to your children during their
teenage years.

Help them prepare for the production of the play
by listening to the phonics with them and helping with

  • costumes,
  • props
  • and sound effects.

Help them to research European countries.


Course 4: The Jungle Book

Mowgli is raised by a pack of wolves in the Indian jungle.

Many animals help him in his battle against Shere Khan, the man eating tiger.

Listen and read together.

Discuss how to end the play.


Drama director, Shaun MacLoughlin, rehearses The Jungle Book

Help with scenery, costumes, props, sound effects and music.

Listen to and sing “The Bare Necessities”.

Help them research India on the internet or in books.

Help them prepare a stir fry recipe.

Have fun dressing up as animals,
and rehearsing the play.


Course 5: Treasure Island

Young Jim discovers a map showing the
way to buried treasure, but the evil pirates
plan to keep the gold for themselves.

Help your child prepare for an
apprenticeship or university and life
by developing many skills.


Encourage your child to be a writer, actor,
singer, musician, artist, costumier, photographer,
advertiser, sound recordist or film director.

Help him/her to research sailing ships,
exploration and pirates.

Connect with your child by helping with the

You too will learn English this way.


Course 6: Sleeping Beauty

Encourage your children to channel their energy
into creative teamwork.

Enjoy the story of Beauty and how she overcomes
the spell put on her by the wicked witch.

Encourage your children to become confident,
inventive and self reliant.

Angelina Jolie

Help them design sets, find props
and pre-record sound effects and music.

Sing together: “Some day my prince will come.”

Try, together, to see Angelina Jolie in the film ‘Malificent’.

Encourage them to research ballet, Russia and classical music
– especially Tchaikovsky.


Course 7: David Copperfield

“Of all my books I like this the best”,
said the famous novelist, Charles Dickens.

It is inspired by Dickens’s own life
and tells David’s story from birth to maturity,
his challenges, enemies and friends.

Queen Victoria

Sing the song: I Lived a Happy Life.

Learn some slang used by Dickens’ characters.

Help research into the British Empire
and Queen Victoria.

Help your teenage son or daughter to prepare the play,
which will, in turn, be a good preparation for life.

Claire Danes and Leonardo diCaprio

Course 8: Romeo and Juliet

It’s the world’s most famous love story.

William Shakespeare is considered
the world’s greatest writer.

Your daughter could sing “Feel pretty” and your son
“I just met a girl named Maria” from West Side Story.


See some films inspired by Romeo and Juliet.

There are many excellent ones.

Stay connected to your children by thinking
of ways to help with the production.

Help your son or daughter prepare masks and
Capulet or Montague coats of arms for the stage.

With your help please, we are building a page with advice on creating a stage play.

Encourage your child to submit their ideas and images to the English through Drama website

If they wish we shall add their names, school and / or country.


Our subscriptions give you access to current course documents and other related resources. Each course contains 8 – 10 modules and is available in alternative versions, tailored to the needs of parents or teachers.

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