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Using re-cycled rubbish

Children and parents and teachers from around the world please share your ideas for the following and please comment on our ideas and give us your suggestions for improvements.

You can contribute your ideas and images here.

Scenery and Backdrops

Recycled Rubbish

This play helped children to transform the contents of a bin bag into a stage production

This play produced by Horniman Primary School in London took part in 2016 in the first ever Bangkok International Children’s Theatre Festival.


A paper windmill

The play reminded children of the importance of re-cycling and many are now wanting to make new items out of rubbish.

You can use your imagination to create scenery and backdrops, props, costumes and even masks from nature and other materials around them.

A Portugese Production

In another play this windmill was made almost entirely out of painted paper held up by a wooden frame.

The roof tiles were made by the tubes in rolls of paper and the wall beneath the window was painted over newspapers.

You can see the amateur production by my Portuguese friend, Joao Manso here


The Birds Who Flew Beyond Time

In The Birds Who Flew Beyond Time

there could be a backdrop of many different birds flying over mountains and volcanoes.

Each child could paint a bird of their choosing, which could be stuck onto the backdrop.

Perhaps on one side of the stage there could be a back drop of a glade in a wood with a snowy mountain behind.

Perhaps on the other side there could be the gardens and the palace of the Great Being

Encourage the children to have ideas.


quill pen

Writing like Shakespeare with a quill pen

Would you like to become a writer – a journalist, a film writer, a novelist, a poet, a publicist, a copywriter (in advertising)?

Why not start by working in groups to write the endings to the plays in the English through Drama Elementary and Secondary Courses?

Unless you write alone you, you can work in creative groups of four to six participants.

You can each choose a character or characters and improvise dialogue.

Think of what you want, of conflict and resolution. There may be room for comedy.

One of you will need to be “director” or “script editor” to write down the dialogue and agree the final script.

quill pen

MA Course at East 15 Acting School, London


Would you like to be a confident public speaker or a film star?
Try rehearsing with your friends to try out your roles
For the stage remember to face the audience as much as you can
Remember to project to the audience.
For audio stand about one foot (30 centimetres) from the
microphone and speak at a normal volume, unless they are calling from a distance (farther from the microphone) or whispering or narrating (closer to the microphone).


Learn to convey all the creative ideas in your imagination and be a gifted team builder, harnessing many talents.

quill pen

Rehearsing Thai children for The Jungle Book

This will probably be done by the teacher, but perhaps you could be an Assistant Director and help to organize bringing all the different elements together. These are:
1. Writing a new ending
2. Making sure everyone has the script of the play for stage or audio
3. Making a note of who is playing which part.
4. Practicing acting so that you can help others to act.
5. Practicing singing so that you can help others to sing.
6. Helping to record the music and helping to play it into the production
7. Helping to find and create the sound effects.
8. For the stage production helping with costumes, props and scenery.

Drawing and Painting

quill pen

Body Painting

Would you like to be another Leonardo da Vinci or Picasso or just your own creative self with your own unique talent?

Draw or paint your own images and flashcards. Later in life you might become an illustrator. Illustrating can lead to a creative career in web design, architecture, industrial design, body painting, make up, murals, back drops, cartoons, etc.

Submit your illustrations, and photos as well, to English through Drama
We shall upload the best to the website to replace what is already there.


quill pen

Props Storage Room

Be a carpenter, a potter, a wire manipulator, an inventor or a scavenger for useful rubbish as in scenery and backdrops above.

Either make the props or beg or borrow or search for and buy them.

In Romeo and Juliet for example there are:

  1. swords
  2. daggers
  3. masks
  4. coats of arms
  5. Large potted plants. May be small trees
  6. A balcony for Juliet to stand on and Romeo to climb
  7. The back of the balcony could be part of the church



A Nineteen hundreds musical

Do you want to be a tailor, a mannequin, a clothing store retailer, a magician or an entertainer?

Costumes may be for:



Ganesh the elephant headed god


Compose and perform your own music

If you can learn to play a musical instrument.
A feel for music can be very helpful in hearing and speaking another language.
If you can compose or perform music for the dramas they are in, this will be very helpful.
Music can heighten the atmosphere of a drama, whether it is gentle and peaceful or powerful and violent.
Music can swing you instantaneously from one mood to another.
Please send us your images of children playing musical instruments for us to post here.

Film Music

You can find some excellent film music online.
Two of my favourite scores are the use of the single instrument, the zither in The Third Man

And Schindler’s List.

What are your favourites?

Classical Music

Much classical music is excellent for production. An example is Tchaikovsky’s ballet music.

I shall be transferring
the lives and music of famous composers from my personal website.




Would you like to record yourself singing?

We should like all the songs on our web pages to be replaced by by student singers from around the world.

This could be a first step in a singing career.

Why not sing one – or two or three – of the following and submit them to English through Drama?

  1. From Kindergarten Course 1
    “Good morning song 1” and “A for apple” and “Ants, ants, ants on my arm”
  2. From Kindergarten Course 2
    “My name’s Benny” and “B is for boy” and “Bring your bat”
  3. From Kindergarten Course 3
    “Alright, alright, Here we go” and “C for cat, c for cow, c for a cap”
  4. From Kindergarten Course 4
    “How about you? How about you?” and “See me play on my drum
  5. From Kindergarten Course 5
    “Daddy Finger, Daddy Finger, where are you?” and “Father, father, father, father, father, I see you” and “Eggs in the pan, e e e” and “My friend and I went to the beach”
  6. From Kindergarten Course 6
    “What do you do? I’m a pilot” and “How old are you?” and “G is for garden” and “Here comes the letter H” and “I is for ice-cream”.
  7. From Kindergarten Course 7
    “My head is on top of my body” and “What’s this? It’s a book” and “Here comes the letter J” and “Kevin likes kiwis” and “Long-legged lions”
  8. From Kindergarten Course 8
    “Let’s go to the zoo” and “walking in the Jungle” and “M is for monkey, m, m, Monkey” and “N is for nest” and “O o o o for orange” and “Penguins and Pancakes”
  9. From Kindergarten Course 9
    “How’s the weather?” and “Sunday, Monday . . .” and ““I can clap. I can sing. I can do anything” and “Q is for queen”
    and “R is for rabbit” and “S is for seashore” and “T is for tiger”
  10. From Kindergarten Course 10
    “Chocolate, I hear you say” and “There are holidays, there are holidays” and “Here are your numbers, one to one hundred” and “V is for violet” and “W is for walrus” and “Xis for xylophone” and “Y is for yellow” and “Z is for zebra”
  1. From Elementary Course 1
    Good morning song 2
  2. From Elementary Course 2
    “What’s Your Name?”
  3. From Elementary Course 3
    “Head shoulders knees and toes knees and toes”
  4. From Elementary Course 4
    “hello everybody come down to the zoo” and “Rock-a-bye baby on the treetop” and “High ho, high ho”
  5. From Elementary Course 5
    “I’m a square, I have 4 sides” and “Jingle Bells”
  6. From Elementary Course 6
    There once was an ugly duckling
  7. From Elementary Course 7
    Would you like to compose and write and perform a song about “The Wise Little Girl”?
  8. From Elementary Course 8
    “Some day my prince will come” and would you like to compose and write and perform a song about “The Birds Who Flew beyond Time”?
  9. From Elementary Course 9
    “The First Nowell”
  10. From Elementary Course 10
  1. From Secondary Course 1
    “My Bonnie lies over the ocean”
  2. From Secondary Course 2
    “As I was walking down the street”
  3. From Secondary Course 3
    “Alice in Wonderland”
  4. From Secondary Course 4
    “Look for the bare necessities”
  5. From Secondary Course 5
    “Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum<“/a>
  6. From Secondary Course 6
    “Some day my prince will come” and “the Lana del Rey version of Sleeping Beauty from the film Malificent”
  7. From Secondary Course 7
    “I Lived a Happy Life”
  8. From Secondary Course 8 “I’m so pretty” and “Maria”.
    These songs are from “West Side Story” a musical based on Romeo and Juliet that is set in the west side of New York in the 1960’s.

If you or your child or a members of your family or friends can play a musical instrument, you can accompany the song

Also write and perform your own songs and upload them at Post your recording


Sound Effects

Audio Recording

Web Design



Essays about how and why you did it